Who we are

We are the team of professionals no matter how loudly it sounds. Why do we think so? First of all, everyone in our team has over 5 years of experience in the IT sector. Within our career we have faced hundreds of tasks that at first glance seemed nearly impossible to accomplish but we have learned how to solve them and have matured as experts. As a result of our struggle with hard tasks, our extensive knowledge is able to cover all areas of IT. In order to expand our knowledge, we undertook any small and simple orders and at the same time we were participating in global projects, building the IT architecture of large companies. We built a few our own projects, such as, a hosting service, Web development and corporate software lease. Nevertheless, server administration, virtualization, optimization, security and IP telephony are our core activities. We are strong because we work as a single mechanism helping each other to finish every project we start.

Why we are different

In the course of work we consult with the client and offer the best solution. We are not just doing what we are asked but we try to recommend the best practices and resolve all issues that may arise in the future.

While configuring the server we also carry out security auditing, perform basic security configuration and provide the client with recommendations on various methods of server protection.

We test the speed of the site and depending on a variety of server configuration settings we optimize the database, Apache, Nginx, setting PHP caching, etc

During 2-week period you can make sure that everything is configured exactly as you need or maybe you decide to expand functionality of some server features.

We have completed hundreds of projects and if there is something you can’t find on the list, please contact us since maybe we have already carried out such works.