Every web project has an aim to reach as more target audience as possible. As the project gets bigger, the site owner notices that the site functionality is getting slower, so he blocks the site. In such circumstances, switching to the VPS / VDS-virtual server is the only solution to this problem. The VPS is not a hosting. It is a sterling virtual server that you are fully responsible for. You are allowed to adjust it, install any software, etc. But what if your knowledge and experience are not enough to run VPS?

Exactly for such situations we have created a special service called VPS administration

What Does VPS Administration Include?

  • Adjustment
By ordering our service you get a virtual server provided with an operating system and that’s all.  It has neither web server, nor ftp, nor e-mail, nor usual control panel as any usual hosting server has. If you order our service the necessary software for the site administration will be already installed.
  • Site transfer
When the software is installed we will transfer your websites’ data onto the virtual VPS-server.
  • Tuning
Based on the work of your websites we will do a delicate server tuning for your sites’ better performance.
  • Administration
In addition to the initial tuning, the VPS server requires attention to itself. Regular OS updates, antivirus check-up and many other bonuses are available if you order the VPS administration service on a monthly basis.
  • Monitoring
The accessibility and functionality of site services as well as a free disc space will be a matter of regular check.
  • Additional software
The virtual server can be used not only for the website hosting but for many other functions, such as: redmine, file server, mail server, etc. We can install and adjust all these functions.

VPS Administration Cost

8.00 am— 19.00 pm, Mon.-Fri., not more than 10 hours monthly – $50.