Protection against DDoS (distributed denial of service) is an integrated server configuration, which makes it possible to effectively deal with hacker attacks.

Anti-DDoS software maintains real-time protection for network resources and guarantees maximum security of your data.

What Is DDoS?

This type of hacker attack is very common nowadays. It completely disables companies’ network equipment because the purpose of the attack is to inhibit normal web resources operation. The reality is that DDoS isn’t just childish games but a method of removal of competitors. Successful DDoS attack may harm your company image and worsen your economic indicators. When your business is at risk, you must react immediately. The best practice is to take certain steps in advance and as a result you will have a reliable anti-DDoS defense.

Three types of DDoS attacks:

  • Flood

It blocks the channels of communication and routers. The web resource is overloaded by multiple requests from an infected PCs’ network, which affects the data transmission over the communication channel. As a result, the web resource doesn’t accept packages of customers and cannot process them.

  • TCP / IP protocol error

Due to multiple requests to open a connection the web server runs out of available sockets and gets completely blocked.

  • Overload of OS resources and applications

Since every system has certain limits and the main purpose of third type of DDoS attack is the excess of the system in various parameters. Consequently this will leads to a huge flow capacity of the server and clients won’t be able to use it.

DDoS protection can help to make your business a reliable security fence against any kind of attacks.

DDoS Data Security Threats

The principal risk of DDoS lies in the possibility to crack the security system and get access to confidential information. Fraudsters can find personal information of clients, their passwords, keys, etc.

Any company that has a server with access to the Internet may become a subject of hacker attacks. Basically, this threat concerns online stores, online banking or corporate websites. At present, the possibility of being hacked is very high. They operate on a large scale causing economic and image losses.

Our outsource company offers constant and reliable server protection against any DDoS attacks.

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