Almost every entrepreneur has to face (and often repeatedly) website security threats when making the first steps in an online business. It’s vital to clarify that website protection can be provided at the stage of its development. Unfortunately, this feature is often remembered when there have already been some problems. The main objective of a website protection is the development of a decent resource which is capable to satisfy demands of maximum security.  Website owners need to realize that security is not only a safe valid code or reliable software but also the highest level of security of a server where the website is located.

The main objectives of the security audit:

  • Search and identification of security weaknesses which may help a hacker to bypass the website management tools or even the entire server;
  • Analysis of all possible risks associated with the implementation of real security threats;
  • Introduction of reliable security tools that guarantee the security of the server and the site;
  • Each client must be provided with useful recommendations on how to implement the most effective echanisms to ensure the protection of the website;
  • Assessment of the actual level of compliance of existing security to standards applicable in the field of information security.

    Server security service includes:

    • Timely CMS update as well as the website code cleaning;
    • Server security;
    • Server OS update;
    • Search and subsequent elimination of viruses and backdoors that threaten website security;
    • Available data security;
    • Anti-spam and SPF and DKIM setup;
    • DDOS protection;
    • Patches and updates setup;
    • Antivirus setup;
    • Guaranteed protection from almost all existing attack vectors;
    • Implementation of PHP code without the slightest threat to the security.

    Who is security audit good for?

    The answer to this question is simple. It’s good for absolutely all organizations aimed at a successful and fruitful work. Poor website security is a barrier on the way to successful business. It is logical that in such a situation the level of user trust and site attendance reduce significantly.

    Given the fact that the hackers are attracted by modern online resources information security audit can’t be called a waste of money. It is rather an investment in a guaranteed stability.

    Why is there a lack of demand for security audit?

    Unfortunately, in most cases due to the lack of understanding of what is important for the protection of a well-organized site very few companies are willing to pay for possible threats checks. Sadly web resource owners are very little informed about how common hacker attacks are. Often organizations are beginning to worry about the protection of a site when they have already lost some money.