Availability of high-quality web resource implies mandatory data backup. After all, no hosting can give 100% guarantee, equipment despite all preventive measures, can fail at any time. In this case, the availability of backup implements the problem of the resource functionality restoring.
We offer backup configuration of any resources using modern technologies.

    Azure Backup is new opportunity for full security

    Azure Backup is a special backup service that is reliable and easy to use. It is integrated into the cloud and is provided as a service.
    Azure is a modern solution that, with little financial and technical costs, guarantees complete security of information.

    Main Benefits of Azure:

    • a single solution for reliable data protection on both servers and the cloud;
    • availability from any place in the world is almost 100%;
    • special system designed for autonomous compression with high level of safety;
    • Backup with Azure is highly efficient;
    • information transmission is done through encryption to ensure complete security;
    • Backup storage is ensured through geo-replication.

    What will Azure backup users get?

    Reliable protection of important data regardless of location. All assets are stored in different places: in the cloud, on servers, and with clients. Backup service ensures that applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint will be fully secure. With Windows Azure Backup, you will be able to protect your documents as files, Windows clients, and servers.


    backup with azureArchiving in the cloud is a great replacement for magnetic tape. Each company keeps all the documentation for many years. With the business development, its quantity only increases, and with a huge speed. Usually for long-term storage magnetic tapes are applied, which require expenses. Thanks to the cloud compression the owner of the company will not only be able to save, but also guaranteed to receive data safety up to 99 years.


    Everyone can use this, ordering it as a service. All data that can be compressed is reliably protected during storage or transmission. Due to geo-replication all the documentation is copied six times, so you can be on all 100% confident in its reliability.



    azure backupThe Archiving service is flexible, fast and efficient. It can function both on WAN and a disk. After the initial seeding, the service can add further changes. To increase the efficiency of information technology, features such as encryption, compression, or long-term storage can be added.

    Amazon S3 – new data storage options

    Amazon S3 is a necessary tool to create backup of important information that is stored on the cloud storage. By using Amazon S3 Backup, you get a lot of advantages from Simple Storage Service, which allows you to store information based on modern cloud technologies.
    Backup Amazon provides reliable storage of big data, as well as provides prompt access to the necessary information at the same time to several users. This service has not only common but also unique features for each client. This has made it a very popular method of protecting information nowadays.

    Amazon S3 Unique Features:

    • Container technology. With the storage service software, each document is stored in a container and has unique name and key. Customer of this service can add a huge amount of data to his container, because its volume reaches 5 TB. Using a personal URL, which is assigned to each file in the container, you can quickly access it. This approach allows each user to feel comfortable and easily find the necessary data on Amazon S3. Geographical affiliation is mandatory for each container, so in this way the cost of using the service can be reduced and the process of requests processing can be accelerated.
    • Maintaining all versions is a very useful feature that allows storing even rewritten files. If the document has been copied to the server at least once, it can be restored even after rewriting.
    • The transparent payment system allows getting away from the basic tariffs and paying only for the functions you use. Customer can use one of three categories of payment, which include the volume of stored information, the amount of data transferred and requests for storage. The openness of payment for the use of cloud storage allows user to independently calculate how much will cost this service according to his needs.
    • Privacy setting allows you to choose access to the container. You can select public access, then your data will be available for any user, or apply the private access feature to grant access only to specific users.

    Amazon S3 will satisfy your wishes

    To get the perfect backup, you need to consider two main principles:

    • Optimization of information security online.

    According to this principle, you can pay only for the services you use. In comparison with other backup tools, Amazon S3 offers updated capabilities for productive work with data, hence, it is more expensive.
    Amazon S3 has high level of all data protection, because here are taken into account all possible risks of 99 percent. Loss of information can occur because of intruders, natural disasters, targeted damage so there are many reasons.
    Not all users believe in words, because it is possible to make good presentation of anything, but the statistical data is never lying. For example, Amazon S3 is popular among large companies more often than among small businesses or individuals. It is the large enterprises that understand the importance of data backup, also they are attracted by large volumes. Ordinary users or small entrepreneurs agree on cheaper options.

    • Diversification

    This is based on principle that it is not necessary to store all data in one place. It is necessary to create backups and find safe places for storage. This can be a USB device, hard drives (local or external), and more. Each tool has its advantages over the rest, but you should not forget about the shortcomings.
    Speaking about backing up information on Amazon S3, you need to know only one minus – the data transfer rate is directly related to the bandwidth of your Internet. So, with a speed of 2 Mb/C, a large number of files downloading can be up to several weeks.
    With local repositories, information can be copied quickly, but there are some shortcomings. Human factor plays important role, possibility of mechanical damage, etc. Only several backup tools can guarantee their full security.