ЭEffective impact of IT structure is due to the options laid in this structure and professionalism of employees. The deficit of one or other element provokes inefficient work of the whole system and all potential can be unfulfilled. Audit is an activity that opens all shortcomings, assesses the efficiency of systems usage and able to predict the further development of business situation.

You will think about IT audit if:

  • You are wondering – is your IT structure being used for 100% effective?
  • You want to know the expert opinion on the issues of settings and implementation of information systems;
  • Your IT structure fails, and you don't understand what is going on. In this case, a security audit is appropriate.
  • IT infrastructure needs to be updated sparingly

    Within the framework of services our team will perform complex IT audit

    • Inventory of IT structure for compiling a generalized work scheme;
    • Inventory of network equipment, formulation of the logical framework;
    • Investigation of the backup system;
    • Study of domains, external and internal connections;
    • Evaluation of real and forecast IT projects;
    • Searching and evaluation of critical elements in IT structure;
    • We will analyze and reach agreement on the best choice of software for your business.

    As a result of our work clients receive:

    • We will make a package of recommendations for the whole IT structure;
    • We will make a complete set of documents on your information network architecture;
    • We will analyze fullness of your possibilities usage and offer development options taking into account peculiarities of your activity;
    • We will make recommendations on infrastructure optimization, possibilities of moving to the cloud, building a hybrid system and economic effect.