Companies of different  sizes and types see significance and great opportunities in the “cloud”. Apps that are launched into clouds yet require support of no less scale as ones launched in an on-prem data centers. SystemAdminsPro can provide assistance by Cloud Managed Services. By a managed services agreement, our team is able to support deployment of cloud for you in any preferable version. You can choose private type, public, or hybrid type.


Public Clouds

Resources of storage along with computing resources in public clouds deployments are purchased from reputable cloud providers, for example Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure etc.
Full governance responsibility of such apps that are hosted in cloud data centers of public type can be assumed by SystemAdminsPro.

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Private Clouds

Some organizations like better to create their personal cloud environments offsite (private clouds) and host their apps in these clouds. Our company has great experience to provide support of such environments, so we can provide such apps performance at their best throughout the year.

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Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid clouds gain favor in different business spheres. They involve a combination of an on-premises, private and public deployments of the cloud. SystemAdminsPro company can provide managed services for supporting of any apps in your environment with no difference if they are hosted in the cloud or in your data center.

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Path To The Cloud Analysis

Today each IT division of the industry is discussing and considering clouds.
SystemAdminsPro offer you the guidance there - Path to the Cloud Analysis. The high-level experts of our company will make the analysis of  your environment, figure out which apps are ready for launching in the cloud, and provide further  implementation plan.