Such kind of support is perfect alternative for customers who are in need of onetime assistance or support on periodical basis, who happen to face with emergencies and seek for the resolving in the shortest possible time remotely.

This choice will be as well helpful for customers who are looking for hourly-based support on regular basis, but at the same time have no intentions to subscribe on monthly basis.

How exactly this is applied

Analyzing and evaluation

You address to us with your issue. Then our specialists make an assessment of your project, present our professional guidance for you and estimation of precise time as well as price.


We can present you a report together with our recommendations for further improvement when project is completed.

Implementation process

Once estimation is approved by you, and work schedule is confirmed, you get from us all required instructions. After getting permitted access to your server we start working.

Confirmation and making the payment

After evaluation and your confirmation, you make payment for the work that was performed. No prepayment is required.


Our technical group will be supporting you round-the-clock answering all your questions and handling requests during all process of work. So you will be kept constantly informed up with about the progress on your tasks.


You have 10 days for the testing of job that was performed, and in case you find any problems, we re-examine our job and fix everything without additional cost.

Services that are most frequently asked for

Server settings

Are you planning to operate your personal server? We will assist you in choosing a trustworthy hosting provider, give you recommendation on a hardware that will meet all your requirements for business. Also our experts will help to set up, configure and improve your server. Our company YourServerAdmin can provide support on various issues: starting with a common server hosting of your Word Press sites up to comprehensive solution including load balancing together with failover for fast smooth operation of your online store.


This is an approach of indicating the fault localization and fixing it so your server can operate smoothly again.
Your server went down or one of the services is not available, you're facing an unidentified error or have unexpected user complaining, your server got on the blacklist or there is too much SPAM? Our team knows how to solve all server problems and the way to prevent them in prospect.

Implementation of the backup strategy

Backing up of your essential data continuously is indispensable to maintain your business, whatever may happen.
Backup strategy will be developed and implemented by our specialists according to your needs and commercial expectations. Also you will be provided with the backup storage remotely.

Migration of data

You might want to migrate your data to a new environment for different reasons. It can be inoperative or outdated hardware, intention to choose another provider of hosting, business scaling and many other conditions.
We can offer you a plan of migration which will meet all your requirements for business running.
We will be working closely together in order to figure out your main purposes, schedule and budgeting. Such understanding is necessary to ensure that your data migration will go like clockwork and with minimum downtime or its absence.

Auditing and hardening of server security

Our team inspect your environment for common vulnerabilities, weaknesses of performance, lacking patches, hacking "symptoms", wrong settings for protection against spam, incorrect schedule for backups, vulnerable settings of software, blacklisting of IP and different issues which can occur.
We will harden your server at every level according to audit results.

Optimization of performance

If you think that your web site or your server is not operating fast enough, if you frequently have too high loads because of increased traffic, your clients complain, then your server needs optimization and it's a perfect time for this. YourServerAdmin team knows how to perform server as well as application optimization for the improvement of performance. It can be such applications as Magento, Joomla, or WordPress and others. It's not a problem for us.

Couldn’t find the information about required service? Address to us and ask for assistance without delay! We definitely know how every possible server issue can be solved.