In order to ensure a stable operation of any web resource there should be a reliable protection against malicious programs. The availability of a well-protected web site helps its owner and visitors to have a permanent access to web resources.

If an online resource is still vulnerable because of suspicious files download or some weaknesses in the firewall the Internet site may get blocked. A user will see the message notifying that this page contains malware and he must leave this site.

Protect your Web site from viruses for the following reasons:

Основные причины удаления вирусов на сайте:

  • The clients’ security lies in the fact that there is a high probability of catching malicious software on your computer after downloading an Internet page.
  • SEO of a Web resource becomes impossible because an infected application is usually added to the list of unreliable sites for search engines.
  • Information on a Web site is no longer confidential and may be lost when site becomes vulnerable for malware.
  • Web site privacy is a milestone of any business successful operation and development.

Signs of an infected Web site:

  • Web content may change or disappear;
  • Block of administrator’s panel;
  • Site is listed by search robots as unreliable;
  • Antivirus blocks and signals of a possible infection while downloading a Web page.

If your Web site has been infected you should get rid of viruses immediately.

To do malware removal, follow these steps:

  • Call professionals to deal with malware.
  • Provide professionals with necessary information so that they can get to the administrator’s panel and fix the problem (malware removal).
  • Experts make a detailed analysis of your content and therefore remove a virus from the site or update the whole system. They also make backups in case a possible re-infection.

If your server is infected, you can protect yourself from malicious software by using:

  • Server security settings;
  • Check the web server directory;
  • Weaknesses analysis

We will tell you how to protect your Web resources from virus attacks as will render prompt and quality care.