Server configuration for the high load

The online shop owners are familiar with the term “high load”. Foremost they realize the importance of the service on server configuration for the loads like this. So what does this service presuppose? Let's have a closer look at this moment.

The high load characteristics: what is it and what can we do with it?

Specialists use the calque “high load” to denote the high-load state. It can affect the server, as well as websites and systems.

So what is the mode of the high load? There are a few characteristics for its definition:

  • a myriad of seemingly "random" errors;
  • server connection fault;
  • slow loading of the opening pages or a partial loading of the page content;
  • decrease of the user's activity.

These are the primary characteristics pointing out the state of the high load. What should you do, if the high load follows you and doesn’t let you work? You can ask for the help of our specialists who can configure the both server and the site, as well as the system for the expected high loads.

The main problems of the high load websites and the peculiarities of their configuration

If a website is under a high load, it is easily understood by means of the following errors:

  • the page navigation hangs up due to a dramatic increase of the number of the website visitors;
  • the data transmission while creating an order and filling in the registration form is slowing down;
  • the in-service connections reset;
  • the visitors can't use the website services due to its failure.

    The situation like this is crucial for many websites since the high load is the reason for their losing both customers and profit. In the majority of cases such situations mostly happen at the “big” sale days (for example, the sales and the pre-holiday days – New Year`s Eve, February and March holidays).

    The service on the servers and the websites configuration for the high load is purposely created for improving and increasing the effectiveness of their work. It presupposes the application of the optimized approach to the possible high load configuration.
    The high load server is a complex of the both software and the hardware. Its parts are specially matched and can be configured for the coherent coordination.
    While running the configuration, the careful monitoring which includes measurement and analysis is obligatory done. And the optimization of the necessary options will be only done on the basis of got data with the help of the server hardware resources. These measures are taken with the aim to extend the possible maximum loads. As a result of such actions the speed of all processes is dramatically increased. In addition, the site work becomes of a high quality and effectiveness, and leading from this its performance also increases.
    If you want to protect your website from the possible system failures during expected high loads and to avoid the above mentioned problems, then the given service of configuration is what you really need.

    Examples of implementing highly loaded web sites