It’s an obvious fact that a modern business depends significantly on the IT infrastructure, access to data, accounts, customer information, contractors, contracts and other important information stored in databases, file servers, etc.

Let’s not talk about a complete loss of a database with important information – it is possible only with no attention to an IT infrastructure. Often there is a temporary malfunction which entails direct and indirect financial losses. Such losses may be penalties of suppliers, government agencies, etc. These problems may have a negative impact on the company image and reduce the amount of both suppliers and customers.

Thus we have determined that information is very important for business and its timely receipt maintains fault tolerance of any IT system. In order to determine how to build a resilient IT system, let’s define the key factors affecting the stability of its work.

Factors affecting the stability and ways to improve fault tolerant systems:

Hardware failure – the failure of the server

The solution to this problem is to have a backup server with synchronized data in real-time and an option of quick switch to the backup server.

Power Failure

Power failure involves a lot of negative consequences. However, the decision of the additional input power supply can be difficult. In this case you can resort to renting a server in a data center when your applications can be available to you from any PC or even a tablet.

Internet breakdown

Forgot to pay for the Internet, problems with the provider equipment, cable damage – that is just a short list of problems that can suspend the whole office. Moreover, such problems may drag on for days. Therefore it is necessary to have a backup communication channel and a different Internet provider.

The error in the software

For example, a programmer needs to make some changes in accounting software. In order to prevent errors after developing or updating a system configuration changes must be made in an identical environment to test the changes. If the test has been successful changes are applied to the actual software.

Software failure

Any software malfunction may cause the server breakdown. The solution to this problem is also a backup server.

The human factor

There is always a risk of making a mistake in the data, which may result in the system failure. A customizable backup tool is to combat such kind of failures.


Natural disasters, fires, floods can damage the server. Having a backup data center geographically remote from your server will solve this problem.