Managed AWS

If you are going to relocate, refactor, or completely rearchitect apps along with infrastructure in order to benefit fully
from of AWS, in this case cloud transformation experts of SystemAdminsPro can assist you with such processes.


Certified AWS specialists from Turing Group, our experienced AWS team members will help you to succeed.

Architectural design

Our Managed AWS team, experienced in AWS using on a great scale, is able to design plus build for you a solution which will incorporate top methodologies for scalability as well as security and credibility.

This is obvious, that no one really knows your organization better than your own personnel. Because of this, our team of specialists works internally and hand in hand from planning process and up to delivery, with a focus on your most difficult business issues solving.

Compatibility of Apps

In case you need just a lift-and-shift moving to AWS or if you want to do full rearchitecting of your apps for the cloud, our experienced team can organize all nessasery preparations for your apps fast moving to the cloud environment.

Recurrent Optimization

Our experts' experience will be applied as well as our best practices to make sure that you get maximum benefit from made investments in AWS —it can involve implementing new AWS features which could help to improve your business processes, or update of your solution depending on how you use it.

Security & Compliance

In order to comply with industry regulations for example HIPAA or PCI-DSS, your confidential data should be located in the secure storage and only authorized users should be having the access. Our team will configure a cloud which will meet your security needs and in this way you as well as your clients will be certain of security measures applied.

Successful implementation of migration

Our team is always ready for AWS deployment implemention and can assist you with planning as well as managing a successful moving to AWS — one which reduces to a minimum all disruptions and risks involved in migration of critical workloads to the cloud environment.

Continued Support

Internal management of your AWS infrastructure can be a great deal of work. There is a simpler path: involve experienced AWS specialists from  SystemAdminsPro.  Recruiting our certified specialists for AWS infrastructure managment will allow you to be fully focused on your business developing —not AWS supporting.

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