Audit and setup

Every server we start supporting undergoes IT audit which means identifying bottlenecks and fixing them.

24-hour monitoring

We constantly monitor your server performance.  In case of any problems we solve them immediately.

Maintenance work

Regularly we carry out maintenance works: updating software and OS, eliminating system weaknesses, checking backups, hardware, etc.

With the development of all organizations, at one point there is need for a reliable server, which is able to complete a number of important tasks. The purpose of this device must be determined solely on the basis of the scale and specificity of the potential server owner.
We are ready to provide our customers with services such as server installation and its subsequent configuration. Our professionals are ready to provide your server with all maintenance (administration) services.

OUR WORK - day-and-night Support for server and website

In addition to supporting servers and websites, we install and configure OS and software, optimize servers and websites, configure security settings, build failover systems, high-load clusters, virtualization, etc.

Individual pricing upon request.

Making your server work right is our job.


    No pre-payment to get started


    $149per month
    • 25 hours per month
    • Mon-Fri from 8.00 to 18.00
    • Monitoring
    • -
    • -


    $199per month
    • 50 hours per month
    • 24/7/365
    • monitoring
    • Report
    • Priority Service


    299$per month
    • 80 hours per month
    • 24/7/365
    • monitoring
    • Report
    • Priority Service


    1199$per month
    • Unlimited time
    • 24/7/365
    • monitoring
    • Report
    • DevOps consulting

    Documentation on configuring servers is not included in the price of administration services. The cost of once-only tasks on server maintenance is calculated upon. Presentation

      Your server has been set up for specific needs such as a mail server or a web site but suddenly something goes wrong: mail-send errors, web pages are not available, clients can’t make their orders. As a result you lose your profit. What urgent measures can be taken? Well, it can’t be solved in 10 minutes. The amount of losses may exceed the monthly cost of site and server support. There’s only one way out – server administration and support must be constant to prevent problems and fix them as soon as possible.

      In order to guarantee trouble-free software performance an organization has to hire a worker (workers) skillful enough to administer a server. In reality it’s difficult to find a professional in the field of server support taking into account high salaries on the job market. Server administrators have to be provided with a workplace, a long-term contract with sick pay, vacation, etc. Thankfully, IT outsourcing easily reduces your costs. With our services you hire not one professional but a pro team that will take all your server problems away. Our staff deals with a large number of servers, so we are used to solve various problems.

      Server rental has become popular because of its low cost and convenience. However, by renting a virtual (VPS / VDS) or a physical server you need to think about how you are going to maintain it. Virtual servers are based on Linux OS which is more complicated than Windows and lacks Windows user-friendliness and interactivity. As a result, Remote Server Administration is what can make your work process easier.

      Our basic server and website administration services are:

      • Backup, which will prevent unexpected data loss
      • Access to network resources control
      • Regular software and OS updates
      • Analysis and security settings application
      • Server load and accessibility monitoring
      • Proactive monitoring (to prevent possible problems, such as lack of free disk space)
      • Software modification
      • Installation, configuration and optimization of databases
      • Web server configuration and optimization
      • Processing potential problem reports
      • Scripting for completing automatic tasks
      • DDoS attack protection

      Our outsourcing company has been on the market for many years. We have rich experience in IP telephony, virtualization, thin clients, etc. So do not hesitate to ask us if we can put your project into practice.

      Windows System Administration (Install, configure and support):

      • Web servers
      • Terminal Servers
      • Internet gateways
      • Database server
      • Mail Server
      • The domain controller
      • Workgroup server

      Individual work on setting up servers

      • Install Unix, Windows systems
      • Install and configuring the web server
      • Installation and configuration of databases (MySQLl, PostgreSQLl, MongoDb, etc.), and software for their management
      • Install and configure the mail server (SMTP / POP3)
      • Configure the firewall, proxy, the NAT
      • File server
      • Antivirus