Some people believe that the IP telephony is not a completely reliable solution for the organization of the office telephone communication. This is a complete misjudgment. Indeed, owing to the active development and spread of broadband access to the Internet IP telephony is getting not only cheaper but a more reliable option when compared to the usual landline PBX. Let’s note that in a situation with an IP telephony PBX is replaced with software based on Asterisk-type IP server. It allows you to quickly establish communication with the existing local network, with telephone users located remotely from the business units.

Asterisk VoIP phone service is your perfect business solution

voipSoftware servers of Asterisk type can operate with any type of telephone lines (analog, digital). By using special expansion card (e.g. Digium) they can be connected to the E1 / T1 lines, ready to operate with 10 or even 100 telephone lines!

After installation of Asterisk PBX users get an access to the functions that used to be available only to the large corporate clients. Thus, you can work with voice mail, a convenient voice menu, and call recording. At the same time, it is possible to put in place ongoing calls, distribute them to subscribers (this is done with the help of special algorithms). Just a few years ago these features weren’t available for the owners of PBX with an average capacity below 16 telephone users. Well, it would have been possible but only after modernization of PBX by installing rather expensive expansion cards.

If a company has got a structured cable network the installation of Asterisk doesn’t require cabling and setting the gateway for the Internet providers. What you need is only to have an available server with not the most expensive hardware. Obviously, it will cost a few times cheaper compared to standard PBX implemented in the basic configuration.

It must be noted that Asterisk is a freeware product. You pay only for the server installation, customization and maintenance. At the same time there are no restrictions on the number of subscribers (Asterisk can be connected to hundreds of customers).

It turns out that scaling of telephone network will not take as much time as the organization of a standard PBX, as well as synchronization of multiple exchanges.

Asterisk Server Operation Circuit

Asterisk server has a modular structure from software point of view. It allows you to add or reboot modules in software without interruption of active compounds.

Asterisk functions perfectly on OS Solaris, FreeBSD, and GNU / Linux. It has an open license and it is actively supported by a large number of enthusiasts from all over the world.

Many large manufacturers of telecommunication equipment use Asterisk in their production facilities (for example, it is a part of Linksys IP equipment).

Before sending data to the network Asterisk uses reliable methods for voice encoding (codec G.711).

Basic functions provided by VoIP telephony

  • Recording and storage of conversations;
  • Voice menu (auto secretary, voice menus of various complexity);
  • Stats of calls made;
  • Online listening to all conversations ;
  • Forwarding;
  • Voicemail with an option to send the relevant information by e-mail;
  • Support for sending / receiving a fax;
  • Collection of information for billing systems;
  • Possibility of organizing a call center on the basis of any office;
  • Support a variety of protocols, including video, text forwarding, graphical information;
  • Call parking;
  • Black list;
  • Teleconference for three or more persons;
  • Remote connection for a user to make a call;
  • Redial calls;
  • Call Programming.

Why choose Asterisk IP telephony

  • Ability to integrate with existing office PBX, 1C, CRM;
  • Customer service of high quality (Asterisk is characterized by excellent functionality and service flexibility);
  • Ease of changing the number of subscribers with individual or common numbering plan;
  • Customization for the client needs;
  • Low cost for installation;
  • Superior performance and reliability (in case of hardware failure or any kind of error, the operation of PBX can be duplicated on another server);
  • Opportunity to unite remote parts of a company into one phone space;
  • One of the best VoIP phone service.

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