server setupIn addition to the regular support of servers and websites we also offer one-time services. The company which doesn’t need a server support may order just setup and configuration of the server.

Also you can order the implementation of specific projects such as mail server setup. We provide a full range of services to install and configure the operating system and software for Windows or Linux OS. Below there is a list of our core services and if you haven’t found what you need do not hesitate to contact us.

We are sure that our team of professionals from different areas can solve any task. Owing to our experience we solve both routine and not trivial tasks.

The cost of our work is below average on the IT market. Each our client gets an individual approach and the best price that depends on the scale and complexity of the work.

  • server installDefining the role of the server, a choice of the most suitable OS
  • Selection of the server hardware, software and licensing policy
  • Equipment setup
  • OS setup
  • Installing and configuring the software for a specific server role
  • In-depth customization of services for certain tasks
  • Backup and recovery setup
  • Server security configuration and performance optimization.

A workgroup server is a server that is able to guarantee a full functioning for up to twenty workplaces. It is used to perform many different tasks mostly for small companies. Its paramount purpose is to store data belonging to employees while providing a streamlined delimited access.

By purchasing such a server, it is necessary to take into account a real opportunity to increase the network scale in the future.

We perform a fast installation of this type of servers on a professional level as well as a complete customization of Windows Server, UNIX and Novell. Speaking of deadlines the installation process and the whole server configuration depends directly on the individual preferences of a client. The process may take at least a day but in some rare cases it may last for a week.

A domain controller can be used in organizations with not more than twenty employees. A functional service of used directories called Active Directory grants the right to carry out the most convenient centralized management of the entire network. It keeps information about available resources and authorized users can find, implement and manage network resources accounted by the Active Directory.

In Active Directory there is a key unit which is called a domain. This is a list of computers (workstations) which should be made by a professional in server administration.

Our experts quickly  perform an installation and a full configuration of Active Directory, using Windows Server 2000/2003. In addition to the standard installation of the base domain we ensure the functioning of its so-called group policies based on individual customer requirements.

All services are rendered by engineers certified by IBM, HP, Novell, Cisco and Microsoft.

Nowadays every single office is connected to the World Wide Web. It is no longer a mystery that any interaction with the World Wide Web may be a threat to internal data of an organization. For example, such threats involve insidious viruses and a variety of software vulnerabilities that can cause unnecessary and even illegal entry to electronic data. However, apart from vivid threats of information security it is worth mentioning another critical problem. Keeping statistics and a strict control of bandwidth usage by all employees of the organization because going beyond the permissible limits of the selected tariff automatically entails certain (sometimes very considerable) tangible payments.

A gateway to the Internet is a kind of server, which could be called a guide to the Internet for employees. It provides a completely secure access to the Internet and a display of statistics of each and every user that is connected to the server.

The advantages of the gateway include:

  1. Reduced consumption of traffic and, as a consequence, reduction of payment for the network usage.
  2. Continuous office staff Internet activity monitoring. 3. Network protection against any attacks from the Web.
  3. The opportunity to get connected to the Internet on every computer of the company with a common IP address tied by the provider.

Server Installation is carried out by experienced and highly qualified specialists of our company on the basis of OS UNIX, and Windows Server.

When a company gets larger than thirty people it is highly recommended to setup an internal server to perform the role of a full-fledged mail server. An internal mail server supports trouble-free correspondence and workers’ incoming mail is being processed in a centralized mode.

We offer installation and configuration of servers based on Lotus Notes / Domino, and Microsoft Exchange. These systems provide the most advanced functionality for any number of employees.

Installing Terminal Server will help geographically dispersed enterprises with getting an unlimited access to the head office resources via terminal mode. Moreover, each employee is able to get a remote connection to his computer at work. In a nutshell terminal server creates an access to enterprise data directly through dedicated channels from anywhere in the world. This operation is also possible on mobile phones and tablets. The access is supported only by secure channels and all information is encrypted.

In addition, the server may be configured and managed by our competent experts on a regular basis.

Quite often enterprises are operated by a variety of special software. It can be a purchased ready-made or a custom-made database. In any case, the main purpose of this kind of software is usually a safe storage of information recorded in the database.

With no exception all databases represent a collection of data stored together and in an organized way. Today Oracle and SQL are the most frequently used databases.

Our company can provide you with not only a configuration and administration of servers at any level. We offer installation and maintenance of any Oracle database as well as Microsoft SQL Server. These servers ensure a maximum security access, best usability and an option of further update and improvement. Our engineers have official certificates of DBA Oracle and Microsoft.

Companies prefer to present services and products in the most comfortable and optimal for prospective customers way – via a corporate website.

Small corporate sites usually consist of static data on the product or the service offered to consumers. For these websites it is a topical issue to choose a trustworthy hosting provider since their number is really vast.

In addition to small sites there are large web portals visited by tens of thousands of users every day. For such projects owners have to acquire a dedicated server since data security, fault tolerance and continuous availability are very important.

We sell many types of web servers and provide them with technically correct installation and configuration on the popular Unix and Windows. In addition, we offer a variety of services including a server administration.