Who Is Site Monitoring Service For

monitoringWe bring our clients the opportunity to add their servers and Web sites to a monitoring system. This system allows you to monitor the main parameters of the server in order to prevent possible problems (not enough disk space on the server, etc.). An Online store or a Web site represents a company and it must work whatever it needs.

There are various situations when the site stops working or downloads slowly, but you’re not going to sit 24 hours a day to check its functions and download speed. The monitoring service does this job for you. If your Web site is not available you will be notified about it by e-mail.

Owing to the site monitoring system, you can quickly identify problems and immediately contact the helpdesk or the system administrator. Thus you will not lose your customers.

Web studios tend to offer services of building a site as well as maintaining it. Usually when a customer pays to a Web studio he counts on a permanent reliable site work. Thanks to the monitoring service the site support team can quickly respond and resolve any problems.

In order to successfully promote the Web site you need it to be available all the time. At any time a search robot can go to the website to scan it and, if the site would be unavailable, it can affect the search positions dramatically.

Server Monitoring For Administrators

Besides the server availability there is a number of parameters that should be monitored to prevent negative situations, such as a shortage of disk space, server overload, DDoS attack, ports availability, etc. There are monitoring measures that can help to prevent server crashes and downtime.

In case the web site or server is unavailable, the administrator will be notified and will be able to immediately solve the problem.

The monitoring system collects statistics about the server, such as an average load, memory usage, swap, and so forth. Such data is useful for the scheduled procedures (e.g. backup) or when there is an urgent need for placing new projects on the server.

    Possible System Checks:

    • Ping test server availability
    • Ports and network protocol check
    • MySql, MariaDB, Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird performance verification
    • Main server settings check (memory, average load, processes, the number of users, etc.)
    • HTTP and HTTPS check
    • Mail server check
    • Web server check
    • Virtualization check
    • Hardware check (provided that the equipment supports such checking)

    The monitoring system allows for more than 2000 different tests.


    • Ping test server availability
    • Services check
    • Disk space check
    • Checking processes, e.g. number, status, CPU and memory usage, etc.
    • Log messages check

    monitoring windows

    • Building charts for web servers work (nginx, apache)
    • Schedule of the server load, memory, network, etc.

    check load