We provide you with the best solutions Microsoft has to offer!

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Based on years of experience with Microsoft solutions, we offer a wide range of services to keep your business running smoothly.

We find you solutions at the best rates possible, ensure a high level of data availability for your employees and customers, and use MicrosoftAzure cloud technology to minimize the risk of data loss.

    What we promise our customers

    •  Low administration costs
     Our use of group policy, standard server roles and security templates streamlines the management of infrastructure objects and reduces administration costs.
    • Accessibility
     We design architecture with the availability and fail-safe features to meet your demands.
    • User, data and server migration
     We plan and implement data migration during company mergers or divisions. We also help you make the transition to cloud-based solutions.
    • Documentation 
    We ensure proper documentation of your work results.
    • Remote staff 
    You get the same results for less.
    Infrastructure set-up includes:
    • Audit of current infrastructure
    • Development and coordination of services architecture
    • Installation, testing and updating of solutions to ensure quality
    • Development and implementation of measures providing high server accessibility
    • Migration between Active Directory forests, migration to cloud-based solutions
    • Integration of Microsoft solutions
    • Ongoing support

    Infrastructure from the ground up

    This solution for small companies includes Active Directory, application servers, terminal services and remote desktop gateway for secure Internet access. Implementation time is approximately 12 hours.

    Optimal for teamwork

    This solution for medium-sized companies includes Active Directory, application servers, terminal services and remote desktop gateway for secure internet access and extended communication capabilities.

    Implementation time is approximately 110 hours.

    High accessibility and security

    This is a fail-safe solution for organizations with a high demand for service accessibility.

    In addition to the basic services offered to medium-sized companies, it includes file and print services, the necessary components of PKI and data backup.

    Planning and implementation time is approximately 200 hours.

    Work templates

    Work mode Category Scope (hours) Notes
    Server setup 3 Cost and time of implementation depends on the framework in use – e.g. virtual, land-based or cloud-based. Depending on the above, we install all necessary updates.
    Active Directory setup 6-12 Includes the installation of the architecture directories, the setup and testing of the Active directory and the configuration of data backup. Additionally, we will create 5 user accounts, as well as 5 groups and individual group policies.  
    Application server 4-12 Includes service setting up as well as its data back-up measure.
    Exchange server 16-40 A component without an installed backup. Includes the setup of data backup.
    Skype for Business service 16-40 A component without an installed backup. Includes the setup of data backup.
    File server/ print services 4 Includes service setup as well as data backup.
    Terminal server 4-16 Includes setup of the terminal services infrastructure, terminal servers, remote application servers, remote access through the terminal services gateway and service data backup  
    Data back-up measure service 8 Includes the formation of data backup and architecture service plan.

    The scope of work does not include the creation of fail-safe systems. We will estimate based on each customer’s specific needs.

    Our project manager will create a cost estimate, but the final amount will be decided once the project has been evaluated by one of our engineers.

    We charge approximately $20 per hour.

    Note: As our work is performed remotely, we can’t take responsibility for any failures of server hardware. We can, however, offer consultations on equipment replacement.

    What we do

    • Identification of current software, configuration, connection and arrangement of hardware components
    • Verification of configuration and operation of server roles
    • Diagnostics of systems backup, virus protection and updates
    • Any additional work agreed upon with the customer
    • Identification of requirements for service, including resources, standard naming and role model
    • Planning, testing and implementation of architecture services
    • Design and operating documentation
    • Managing workflow in order to supply high accessibility of services
    • Implementation of technical and administrative measures in order to supply high accessibility of services
    • Planning and testing of current systems for high accessibility
    • Eliminating bugs
    • Development of measures to migrate users, data and services between Active Directory forests
    • Preparation of infrastructure for migration
    • Operational support

    Why choose SystemAdminsPro?

    A wide range of services

    We provide a full range of services to create and modernize infrastructure, from implementation to solution support.

    Our team of professionals

    Our team of professionals can guarantee high design quality and implementation of services.

    Industry standards

    We adhere to industry standards when developing and implementing solutions.

    No advance payment

    You only pay once the  job has been completed.

    Years of experience

    We have extensive experience when it comes to implementing infrastructural projects and have worked with both small one-man businesses and large companies with thousands of servers and users.

    Complete discretion

    We sign a confidentiality agreement with all our clients to ensure your data is kept safe.