Business success depends on properly organized IT infrastructure, as well as its qualitative support in working condition. Information systems over time become more complex, perform more and more new functions, hardware and software component is increasing, which requires more support staff involvement.

What is the right thing to do in this situation, keeping the IT infrastructure on a self-help basis or starting to use outsourcing company for IT service.

Server hardware support

IP telephony management

IT consulting, IT systems building

IT infrastructure outsourcing, business benefits

  • Cost reduction. Reducing of social charges and taxes that need to be paid when you have your own IT Department. You don't need to pay holiday bonuses, payroll tax, sick leave and social security.
  • Financial management. IT outsourcing allows you to transfer the salary on IT infrastructure from capital costs to operational.
  • Organizational costs.No need of people management. It is not necessary to equip workplaces, to look for new employees if some of them are dismissed.
  • The reaction time is determined by the terms of the contract, not by the presence or absence of the employee in the office.
  • Quality of IT infrastructure support. Team of IT outsourcing professionals which is constantly faced with various challenges thereby improving their professionalism will be involved to manage your IT infrastructure.
  • The satisfaction of users and customers will increase due to the IT services quality improvement.
  • Using IT outsourcing, you can quickly implement new projects that require experience and knowledge in modern technologies.
  • High degree of responsibility. The outsourcing company cares about its reputation and more competent in performing its duties, rather than a staff member.

What is the benefit of cooperation with our company?

  • We successfully support more than 80 companies, both domestic and foreign
  • More than a hundred supported servers, and thousands of projects and services
  • Full range of infrastructure maintenance works: planning, implementation, support with provision of service level required by agreement
  • Requests are registered in the service Desk system, all failures are recorded to prevent such in the future.
  • In the provision of services contract we prescribe the SLA, which we perform during the contract
  • We sign the NDA, ensuring the confidentiality of customer data
  • Outsourcing of IT infrastructure saves 20-30% of costs, while the quality of service is much higher.

Are you questioning the necessity of outsourcing? You can delegate some of the functions to support, and make sure you made the right choice.

To find out the cost of IT outsourcing, you can call us or write a request in the form on the right.

IT outsourcing services

  • IT infrastructure administration and monitoring
  • Implementation of new systems
  • Incident support
  • Complex IT outsourcing

    Some facts and figures

    The world believes that IT outsourcing:







    91% of companies are unable to calculate the cost of user maintenance if it is provided by private IT service. The picture changes dramatically if IT support is outsourced.

    Modern companies focus on the core business, and non-core tasks are assigned to professionals.

    It will take two years to build your own data center. Instead it is possible to connect an outsourcing data center in 3 months, or to increase and reduce additional computing power from the "cloud" at the click of a mouse.

    If you purchase your own storage systems, the delivery time will be about 3 months. The alternative is to connect the backup service in the "cloud" in a second. By the way, you can cancel it just as quickly.