Load testing is a subtype of performance testing, collection of indicators, and determination of the performance and response time of a software and hardware system or device in answer to an external request in order to establish compliance with the requirements for a given system (device).

By itself, load testing does not insure against anything, but it will help you figure out the real bandwidth of your site. How many users it can actually handle under peak or soft load.

We recommend doing load testing in the following cases:

  • You have launched a new project.
  • You have implemented a major change that significantly affects functionality (for example, a website redesign that affects functionality).
  • You are planning to participate in major marketing campaigns that will drive a lot of traffic to your site (for example, participating in Black Friday).
  • Just periodically (for example, once a year).

First of all, we recommend testing the critical business parts of the application. In simple terms, first of all, you need to test what makes money.

For whom?

First of all, we are talking about loaded online stores and a simple resource pause should not be allowed even for a couple of hours.

Just imagine the situation: an important event is planned.

You planned everything to the smallest detail, launched a large-scale advertising campaign, and it suddenly led to the fact that the traffic increased significantly, and the site (the key sales tool) could not stand the load. Work is paralyzed. Customers are losing loyalty. The company incurs losses.

To prevent this from happening, you need to conduct load tests on a planned basis.

In fact, any Internet project will benefit from a load test to understand what its potential is if there are more visitors on it.

Main features of a process

Performance is determined by the following factors:
  • speed of the software;
  • speed of the hardware;
  • network speed.
During testing, the following operations can be performed to more accurately measure performance and identify the bottleneck of the system:
  • measurement of the execution time of selected operations at certain intensities of these operations;
  • determination of the number of users simultaneously working with the application;
  • defining the boundaries of acceptable performance with increasing load (with an increase in the intensity of these operations).

Our testing team is professional in finding bugs in all parts and aspects of software products. We will help not only to make a test of your site, but also offer competent ways to increase its performance.

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