System Admins PRO offers a full range of Amazon Web Services (AWS) management for your business.
We have competent and effective solutions, including:

  • Cloud migration
  • Tech support
  • Administration
  • 24/7 consultation
  • Hepl of certified professionals

At the end of 2018, Amazon Web Services accounted for 32% of the cloud services market.

Now AWS consist of 165 powerful functional services for almost any kind of tasks. Using this platform, you can both create your own infrastructure from scratch and use a ready-made template. In any case, you are guaranteed to reduce IT costs.

System Admins PRO Benefits for Amazon Web Services Management

Infrastructure migration and sizing, comprehensive support

We will create the infrastructure based on the needs of your business and optimize for the necessary tasks. As the company grows, we will provide a competent configuration and coordinated work of the necessary services.

Development Consulting

Certified professionals will help you choose the services you need from the AWS portfolio that are right for your business goals. We save your money and time.

Technical support

We guarantee high-quality 24/7 support, processing of all incoming requests and monitoring the status of the infrastructure, according to SLA.

Service Set Optimization

After selecting the necessary services, we will configure the most efficient execution of tasks, optimize the time allocated to them and the planned budget.

Why should you contact us?

  • Over 10 years of experience in managing IT infrastructure
  • Hundreds of productive architectures created
  • The best and balanced turnkey solutions

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