During the years of our work, we have repeatedly heard the question: “What exactly is included in the server administration services from your side?”

It is always up to date and a correct understanding of the service provided positively affects the relationship between customer and contractor. Any business owner, responsible person or IT specialist of the company should know what they get for the amount paid and which benefits it gives them.

Therefore, let’s take a look together on services, which exactly are included in the remote administration of servers from System Admins Pro.

Ensuring uninterrupted operation of services in 24x7 mode. We monitor your servers and services around the clock and in case of problems, quickly solve them.

We have a monitoring system. Serviced servers connect to it. Standard metrics are tracked, and new metrics are added if necessary. The customer can receive notifications from monitoring systems by request.

The monitoring system monitors the main parameters of the system, for each client they can be individual. For example:

  • free space
  • total load
  • size of memory used
  • site availability
  • SSL certificate validity period
  • RAID
  • hardware errors
  • database availability, replication
  • the availability of various software, such as telephony, etc.
  • mail queue
  • and many other parameters depending on the system

Of course, we can only physically service the equipment located with us. If you rent equipment in another data center, then we perform:

  • Monitoring the physical state of equipment (temperature, smart, RAID), if possible remotely
  • Monitoring of virtual machines, monitoring of virtualization systems
  • In case of problems with the equipment, we contact the provider on your behalf or help you make an appeal to the Data Center
  • We update the operating system
  • We track the release of patches and install them, it is especially important when a new vulnerability is revealed
  • Configure system security, protection against attacks
  • Optimize server performance
  • We carry out monitoring (general system status, system load, critical errors)
  • OS troubleshooting
  • Install and configure the OS on physical and virtual servers
  • Installation / modification / removal of software from repositories, assembly from packages
  • Software setup
  • Software performance optimization
  • Software Health Monitoring
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Tracking the information on the release of corrections and additions to the used server software products and their timely installation (in order to minimize risks) associated with a software failure and virus infection
  • Setting up interaction between software on the server
  • Fulfillment of customer applications, according to installed software, as well as installation and configuration of new software
  • Creation and management of users, databases, web servers, ftp, vpn, git, and other installed software
  • Design and implement backup and recovery strategies
  • Planning and carrying out routine and preventive work aimed at preventing failures, ensuring the required degree of preparedness and the possibility of prompt recovery of information systems and data, as well as conducting or participating in the restoration of information systems and data;
  • Ensuring the protection of company information resources (databases, file arrays, etc.) from unauthorized modification, destruction, copying or malfunctioning;
  • Auditing the company's information systems for compliance with internal regulatory requirements for ensuring information security. Formation of work regulations based on an audit (initial audit is carried out after the system is accepted for service);
  • Organize separate access to the necessary resources for developers
  • Provide advice on software
  • Resource Access Control

In addition, we carry out high-quality configuration of Web servers and optimize them for loaded projects, develop scripts for automatic task execution, protect servers and sites from DDoS attacks, and ensure their fault tolerance.

We have the latest technologies in our arsenal, our own monitoring system with instant messages about the presence of possible problems, many years of experience and the best professionals in the field of remote server administration.