What is a DevOPS Engineer for?


Implementation of the mechanism of fast addition of code into a product without down time


Implementation of a large number of changes, without any failures and bugs – we can do it

Ability to predict

By using testing and updating you can plan exact dates for a new release

What do our DevOps engineers do?

  • Installation and configuration of Teamcity, Jenkins, Capistrano and other products for testing, automatic assembling and deployment
  • Automatic and semi-automatic change of server settings, implementation of Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Salt
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of all systems and projects, 24/7 support
  • Studying the clients’ problems, development of implementation techniques, interaction, PMI
  • Regular reports on the work done with indication of the reaction time, problems and recommendations
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What are the questions our engineers solve?

Deployment and assembling of docker containers

Implementation of systems for automatic assembling and deployment of applications

Solving process problems

Setting up monitoring and alerting systems

Integration of version control systems

Implementing the use of the configuration tools, e.g. Chef, Puppet, Ansible

Building fault-tolerant cluster systems and load balancing systems

Automation of the deployment of testing and development environments

Implementation of Jira, Confluence, Service desk systems

Is it worth a try?

We have automated hundreds of tasks, completed dozens of projects, set up systems of continuous integration.

Apply now and get a free consultation on the administration, automation or integration. Discover the new technology of DevOps

Benefits for customers

Cost saving

A staff member costs more than a remote Devops Engineer

24-hour support

Solving technical problems 24/7


The speed of development, deployment and the overall speed of the project will increase


Ensuring fault tolerance and data protection


Optimizing the cost of owning an IT infrastructure


Improving business processes

Pros and Cons of Remote DevOps Admin

DevOps admin in staff

Company expenses

More taxes, insurance, vacation payment and sick leave. Workplace required.

Absence at work

Sick leave, planned vacation, absence from work

Work time

An employee can’t work 24/7. The staff administrator has a normal schedule.


Narrow specialization, limited experience. Being involved in the same tasks an employee stops developing.


The level of qualification is directly proportional to the salary, a good specialist costs expensive.

Remote DevOps admin

Reducing costs

You do not pay taxes, sick leave, vacation pay and other mandatory payments

Team for the project

There can be several interchangeable DevOps for one client project

24/7 control

Our administrator does not go on vacation and your project will not remain unsupervised


Having a lot of experience and customers, we deal with various tasks, thereby constantly improving our knowledge and skills

Cost reduction

The cost of a team of experienced specialists with multiple skills is less than a salary of one full-time employee

So, Is hiring a remote DevOps administrator is more beneficial?

It is universal truth that the cost of IT outsourcing is lower than the salary of a full-time employee. For example, the salary of an experienced Linux administrator starts from $5000 per month. Our team will perform the same amount of work for $1200, so the benefit is obvious.

Monthly maintenance

ongoing support
from $500 per month
  • Without restriction on the number of tasks and the period of works, individual pricing

One-shot projects

From $15 per hour
  • Hourly service is good when you need to quickly set up a system or fix a problem

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How are we working?


Once our manager receives your request from the website, he immediately contacts you for clarification of details


Studying the task, preparing the business proposal, agreeing the contract.


We audit the existing infrastructure, prepare a list of recommendations for its improvement


Implementation of the list of agreed works, carrying out support

Frequently Asked Questions

We pay attention to the convenience of our customers, that’s why you choose the way of communication. We will use the messenger and the task-tracker of your choice. Also we have our own Jira ticket system which you can use to form requests and monitor their implementation.

Depending on the selected task-tracking system, reports on tasks will be generated. We also provide a monthly report on the main indicators, the state of the equipment, system updates, possible problems, backup and so on.

We always negotiate the cost of projects with the client in the first place, take into account various factors, make discounts.

We provide our services remotely, that’s why we work all over the world. We do not care where you are located, through the Internet we will provide all the same amount of work, if we were sitting in your office.

Our company is more than 8 years in the IT services market, we value our reputation, and our customers. We are trusted by many customers, from small companies to large-scale developed projects. In our work we use the standards ITIL, ITSM. We also guarantee the confidentiality of data, the conclusion of a contract (representation in Ukraine and Russia)

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