Our specialists take full responsibility for installing, maintaining, and updating the software based on your requirements, budget, and specialization.

    Monitoring and analytics

    Full monitoring of the system by our team ensures prediction and avoidance of errors. The cloud solution provides a stack for monitoring, logging, and notifications. This is possible because the team monitors and tests Kubernetes processes, ensuring the enterprise cloud's quality.

    The work process becomes easier

    Kubernetes clusters scale seamlessly with a team that remotely inspects and tests new hardware. this approach ensures the trouble-free operation of the cluster.

    Who manages Kubernetes

    The main goal of Kubernetes is to quickly deploy containers and manage containers in an environment. Our team manages all processes but provides full reporting on expenses in budget items. Upon request, we transfer management rights to the customer, and our team helps with technical support

    We configure Kubernetes for you

    The mutual work of our specialists with your team helps to adjust the operation of clusters exactly to your needs.

    Our Kubernetes Managed Services Stages

    Often, at the stage of planning the introduction of new software into the system, errors may occur due to lack of experience. Such mistakes can slow down business processes in the future and have negative consequences. Therefore, more and more often enterprises delegate authority to experienced companies that use Kubernetes

    managed kubernetes

    What to start

    First, we determine the desired cluster format between EKS, GKE, and ASK. Then we connect the cluster to the Kubernetes management system and create objects.

    Creation of a cluster

    We create solutions for registration and monitoring that contain services that serve the primary business goals. After the CI/CD is made, our specialists create a deployment request.

    Adaptation of the project

    After creating a repository for submission of PR for manifests and Docker components, our team will configure a pipeline that ensures seamless integration and containerization of applications. Each application undergoes external testing before deployment.

    What advantages do clients get using Kubernetes Managed Services

    Customers who use managed Kubernetes services have increased their business several times. The benefits far outweigh the implementation and maintenance costs.

    Costs will decrease

    By simplifying software launches and reducing errors, the company cuts certain cost items.

    High deployment speed

    A team of specialists deploys clusters in the right place in a short time using the appropriate Kubernetes service. Because we prioritize updates and fixes.

    Adaptation to the needs of the client

    Business needs are constantly changing. Cloud platforms enable rapid expansion in response to high demand. Kubernetes services implement these functions without the overhead that is part of supporting personal infrastructure.

    Focus on development

    If the teams are focused on the constant delivery of innovations to the client, then Kubernetes allows you to implement the rapid deployment of new software.