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Due to public cloud, organizations of different sizes and types can use the convenience of the cloud and its performance efficiencies.  When deploying in a public cloud, the ownership of all involved hardware is retained by the provider. At the sites of providers, the resources are shared among all their clients.

SystemАdminsPro  offers guidance for organizations that have an interest in benefits which in the public cloud brings. We can help to reduce many downsides of accessing the valuable data over the public internet by offering a direct connection to the public cloud. After developing a migration strategy, engineers of SystemАdminsPro  make sure that all the processes go smoothly, and once deployment is in a place, you can rely on our team specialized skills through our packages of managed services.


Cost Savings

Your organization will not bear any on-going equipment costs or maintenance expenses, because all the hardware is supplied by your provider. With providers of Public Cloud, you pay only for what is used. The data-related costs are shifted from a capital expenses to an operational by the pay-as-you-go principle.


For expanding of resources in your own data center you will require hours or even days of learning, setting-up, and a lot of time for configuration. In case of deployment in a public cloud, all needed hardware is already available and ready to be used.  You can without any problems scale up or down depending on your current business needs thanks to public clouds large size.

Secured Direct Connection

SystemАdminsPro  can provide a direct secure connection to the public cloud that makes it possible to eliminate many concerns of the security and connectivity associated with clouds.

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Path To The Cloud Analysis

Not certain that the Public Cloud is the ideal option for your organization? SystemАdminsPro  offers a Path to the Cloud Analysis that will help you find this out. Starting with your infrastructure to apps, our high-level experts will analyze your current environment and define your readiness for the cloud migration.

Managed Services

While the cloud provider owns the hardware, at the same time the virtual machines, apps, and other different environment elements should still be controlled and maintained by certified experts. SystemАdminsPro  highly-qualified certified engineers can become your in-house team extension. SystemАdminsPro  provides Managed Services packages for your environment protection inside the Public Cloud.