The best way of creating apps

Docker gives the opportunity to start the processes in isolated environment



Excludes the problem with package dependencies for your apps in Docker containers. Docker will ensure mobility and predictability while developing, testing and deploying.


Deploy microservices as well as traditional applications in any place without expensive code re-writing. Isolate the apps in containers in order to eliminate conflicts and increase security.


Simplifies the collaboration between developers and administrators, and also speeds up the development of functions and corrections. Productive developers, making frequent releases, create a creative approach to making up a superb software.

Docker is ready for the industrial use

Docker deployment

Secure on default

Easily create secure applications, provide protected from unauthorized access all the application components and securely run applications on the most secure in the industry platform for containers.

Possibilities for scaling

From one to several thousands containers without problems. Built-in functionality allows easy scaling to thousands or tens of thousands nodes in a split second.

Scalability and flexibility

Docker provides the applications for your business development, flexibly integrating with existing processes and enterprise systems storage, network organisations, logging and authentication.

No restrictions

Docker is an infrastructure -independent platform, which can easily integrate into your environment and ensures full stack transferability for apps that will work in today’s and tomorrow’s infrastructure.

The integrated software delivery chain for all apps

Secure and manage the apps from the build to deployment and every step on this way. Docker Enterpeise Edition gives the unified platform for the entire app lifecycle, Windows and Linux, on the server and in the cloud, and from development till the production.

Reliable support

Get the support of the enterprise-class, using Docker in the production. We will install, configure and provide support for the continuous CI integration and continuous CD delivery of the apps. Create the apps with Docker containers and get maximum reliability, velocity and security.

Maximal simplification of the app deployment process

Using Docker has the opportunity to divide the project into easily managed and independent components. Thus, simplifying the deployment and maintenance of the applications.

Continuous development and lack of downtime

Docker image includes a service or a group of services, configurated and containing all necessary components and dependencies. So the containers can move between the staff of development-testing-implementation, and the changes are easily applied just by applying the settings to the new container.


    Docker containers are so light-weighted that they can be used for virtualisation for IaaS, and the migration simplicity turns the docker containers into irreplaceable solution for PaaS services.

    Unsafe code

    By means of only one command it’s possible to run any app even graphics in an isolated docker container. Thus, docker allows running of any not validated or unsafe software without any harm.