migrate to office 365The hectic business world today is not the same, since employees, companies and their clients show connection, collaboration and mobility of higher level. So, it`s necessary to settle your own work across various machine, businesses and it`s important not forget about time zones.
Every employee of your company can easily and securely make use of all best desktop apps belonging to Microsoft, uploaded in the cloud by Office 365, no matter what device they work on.
With lower price based on licensing every user, moving to Office of the same version has become much easier nowadays. The amount of computers which the user is allowed to work with on one account is restricted to 5. Office includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Calendar, Mail and Skype, moreover, a great Planner is present, file sharing OneDrive and much more, that is available to the whole team from any point in the world, i.e. you become fully armed against requirements of up-to-date business world.

Why to choose Office 365?

Have no limits, while working with clients from any place in the world
Get a full Microsoft Office software pack and get in touch with your employees and customers at any area with a proper internet connection.

Be safe

Stay calm, being sure that your company`s information is safely hosted and backed up in a Microsoft data center.

No updating is needed

Don`t worry about anything but your work, since you can be sure that each team member is always using each app of the same version, since they update automatically thanks to background patches.

No damage to the budget

Use the advantages of Office 365 without damage to your budget of the company, because settled monthly price is completely affordable.

The reasons to use Speedster’s Office 365 Experts

With the help of Speedster we can easily, quickly and professionally move your data to Office 365, paying attention to the budget of your company and the apps, used by your team on a daily basis.
We aim to help you start working with the Office 365 as soon as possible and get the benefits from it, and of course it makes no difference how you are using it.

The process of the Speedster Office 365 Experts migration

Assessing and scaling

Foremost, we need some time to get a handle on the needs of your company and scale a spending package by means of which you can work and cooperate productively, no matter where you are.

Migrating and Setting up

On the rights of “an official Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and Small Business Specialist”, we will move the whole information of your company to Office 365, apply settings to the apps and make you start working without delay.

Managing and Maintaining

Ever as you begin dealing with the ideal Office 365 package, we are not giving up on administering your account without attracting attention. Moreover, we are ready to give you any piece of advice and techsupport at any time around the clock.

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