Virtualization with the use of VMWare will help to reduce basic costs through server consolidation and operational costs through automation, thanks to the reduction of unplanned and planned downtime, it will also  help to minimize losses.

Server virtualization with VMWare products is time-tested, with 500,000 customers using VMware virtualization products worldwide. There are several types of virtualization:

Key benefits of virtualization

• Reduction of operating and capital expenditures by lowering energy consumption and hardware requirements through server consolidation
• Product VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager will provide business continuity through automatic disaster recovery of virtual infrastructure.
• Ability to virtualize databases and business applications for the best performance and reliability.
• VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite delivers the performance of your self-managed IT infrastructure.
• An effective solution for building cloud infrastructure


The server architecture allows you to use only one OS on the server; virtualization allows you to overcome this limitation. Thanks to virtualization, several operating systems can be run on one physical server, each in its own virtual machine, with access to physical resources. According to statistics, the server capacity is used by 15%, the number of servers increases to solve various problems, and the IT infrastructure becomes more complicated. Virtualization, in turn, allows you to use one physical server for several independent tasks using the available resources to the maximum.

Server virtualization benefits:

  • Increase server utilization efficiency up to 80%
  • Reduced operating and capital investment by 50%
  • Ability to create ten or more virtual servers on one physical server


This is an analog of a physical network organized by a software method. Virtual networks have all the advantages of physical networks, plus hardware independence, automated maintenance, fast setup, and more. Network virtualization software allows you to create flexible and scalable environments.


PC virtualization is the provision of a desktop computer as a service. Such virtualization can be used both in the main office and in branch offices. The benefits of desktop virtualization are:

  • Desktop as a service – streamline management and deployment
  • Secure remote access from mobile devices, granting access to temporary employees


    Today applications such as databases, ERP, CRM systems, corporate mail and portal, etc. are an integral part of the business. Therefore, their reliability and performance are very important. Application virtualization will improve performance, quality, availability, adaptability, and increase resiliency and disaster recovery.


    The goal of storage virtualization, like other types of virtualization, is to reduce costs. Storage virtualization – allows you to save data center space while increasing performance.

    Thus, virtualization means always a saving, increased productivity, scalability, flexibility and usability of the IT infrastructure. If you decide to build a modern IT infrastructure, our specialists will help you in this matter.