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Experts from Lansweeper, in anticipation of the end of the CentOS 7 maintenance cycle (which expires on June 30), analyzed the distributions used on 200 thousand scanned Linux systems.

The study does not specify how exactly the systems were selected for verification; statistics were probably collected on systems in the networks of corporate clients using the Lansweeper inventory platform .

The most popular distribution was Ubuntu, with a share of 32.24%. CentOS was in second place with 26.05%, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux was in third with 20.11%. Debian’s share was 7.05%, and Fedora Linux – 2.5%.

The Raspbian distribution kit (4.35%) used on Raspberry Pi boards had a fairly large percentage of presence. Rocky Linux is used on 1.34% of enterprise systems, and Oracle Linux on 3.87%. SUSE Linux Enterprise’s share was 1.25%, and openSUSE’s was 0.07%. Linux Mint was installed on 0.69% of systems, and Astra Linux – 0.02%.

Despite the fact that Lansweeper’s study was focused on Linux, FreeBSD OS was also included in the statistics (0.46%).

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