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On frequent occasions when configuring Asterisk and WebRTC, we use webrtc2sip, but it’s quite difficult to install, and you need to spend a lot of effort to make it work properly. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to configure WebRTC using Asterisk.

Making preparations in the OS

  • We will use Ubuntu for the installation. To begin, we will update all packages
  • Then download Asterisk from the official site. In our case it is version 13, but you can also use a newer one
  • There is a script in the distribution that will install the dependencies as may be necessary. Let’s try to run it.
  • There was a problem when installing dependencies. Script tried to install i386 packages on my Ubuntu x64. In this case, we install dependencies manually.
  • The package list is easy-to-understand. The versions may differ depending on the OS and the installation date.
  • Let’s try again to use the installation script for libsrtp and pjproject. These are the necessary packages for webrtc

I was lucky. The installation went without problems. If you get any errors, install manually in such a way :

Now you are ready to install and configure Asterisk and WebRTC. Execute the following line. Pay attention to the ones marked with asterisks:
If everything is ok, then continue the installation. Otherwise return to the dependency check. If everything is ok, then continue the installation. Otherwise return to the dependency check

Generate certificates:

The script will ask you to set a password. It must be at least 4 characters long. The installation phase is completed, you can now start the configuration.

Configuring Asterisk and WebRTC

Next, we edit the http.conf file to make the following changes

Testing Asterisk and WebRTC

For the testing purposes, we use the HTML5 sip client, from the site sipml5.org/call.htm or install on the server. In this case, the web HTML5 sip client will be available from our server webrtc.pbxware.ru/sipml5/call.htm. Type in the following in the settings:

Check it by calling another PC. Then we try to call the phone on Android

If you did not manage to configure, please contact [email protected]. We perform installation, configuration and support of IP telephony