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Each web project is designed to get the target audience and the more – the better, but as the project grows bigger the site owner notices that resource begins to slow down or the vigilant host blocks the site due to overspending of resources on the tariff plan. In this situation, switching to virtual server VPS / VDS is the only solution to this problem. VPS is not a hosting, it is a full-fledged virtual server and you take the responsibility for it: configure, install software, etc. What to do if your knowledge is not enough to service the VPS?

Specifically for site owners who are switching to VPS and don’t know what to do with them, we have developed service — VPS Administration.

What is included in VPS administration?


By purchasing a VPS, you get only virtual server with installed OS. There is no web-server, no ftp, no mail, no usual control panel as on the hosting. By ordering the service from us, you will get installation of all the necessary software for the site.


After configuring the software, we will transfer your sites to virtual VPS server.


Based on the work of your sites, we will make fine-tuning the server for better performance of your sites.

VPS administration

In addition to the initial configuration, VPS server requires attention. Regular OS updates, virus check, protection against attacks. All this can also be obtained by ordering the VPS Administration services on a monthly basis.


Your server will be regularly checked for availability and status of services and resources, free space availability, etc.

Additional software

The virtual server can be used not only for hosting the site, but also for many other functions: redmine, file server, mail server, etc. We can install and configure additional software.