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Protection against DDoS is a comprehensive server configuration, which makes it possible to effectively deal with attacks of various sizes on the company’s system that has Internet connection. Using a set of software filters you will be able to prevent DDoS attack, since the filter rules provide a high level of control.

Configuration from DDoS provides constant protection of resources on the Internet and ensures its protection from malicious attacks.

What is a DDoS attack?

The full name means “distributed denial of service”. This type of attack is the most common on the Internet. It completely disables company’s equipment, because the goal is to interfere with the normal operation or block the functioning of web resources. As a result, this type of intervention becomes an obstacle to the conduct of your business, so in this case, use settings against DDoS.
Today it is not just childish pampering, but one of the competitors eliminating methods. It can harm your image, badly affect the conduct of business from economic point of view. When your business is at risk, you should respond quickly. And even better — do not wait for the attack, but take certain appropriate actions in advance and as a result you will have reliable protection against DDoS.

Three types of DDoS attacks

  • The first type is called “flood”, it blocks the functioning of communication channels and routers. Many requests are sent to the web resource from the network of infected computers, which negatively affects data transmission over the communication channel. As a result, the resource does not accept or service client packages.
  • The second type of attack is characterized by the usage of error in the implementation of the TCP/IP Protocol stack. Many requests for opening a connection are made, and available sockets run out in a short time, blocking the web server.
  • The third type is characterized by the usage of all available OS resources or applications. The main goal is that the system exceeds the limit on various parameters, because it has certain limitations. This, in turn, will lead to a huge consumption of server power, and clients will not be able to use it.

DDoS protection will help to make your business insulated from any kind of attacks.

The threat of DDoS attacks

The main risk is the ability to break into security system and gain access to closed information. Frauds will be able to find out all the personal information of customers, their passwords, keys, and other confidential information.

Any company that has a server with Internet access is vulnerable to network attacks. This applies mainly to online stores, online banks or corporate websites. Today, the chance to suffer from intruders is very high, and they operate on a fairly large scale, causing economic and image losses to the affected companies. Our campaign offers basic servers protection against DDoS attacks.