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At the moment there are many, even hundreds of content management systems, but there are very few convenient, reliable and functional ones. Among the well-proven ones is the 1C Bitrix CMS system. With the help of Bitrix, you can create any online store, business website, portal, social network and other Internet resources, both simple and complex. An important point is a convenient and intuitive user interface. Most shop owners, firms, enterprises have long realized that having their own website is not an advantage, but a necessity.

No system can function on its own without causing any problems or failures. When the site is developed, works, attracts many customers and makes a profit, the question of technical support of the Bitrix site and its administration is very advisable.

We offer services for the support and administration of Bitrix systems: updates, monitoring, performance, failures – these are problems that administrators must solve, and the owners of Internet resources must earn money.

Any Internet resource requires attention, therefore, Bitrix support should be handled by professionals in their field, so that the client does not worry – the work of the site should be continuous.

What does professional support for Bitrix sites include?

Admin team
Several administrators are allocated for each client and his server to support the server and sites on Bitrix. Thus, the site is under the supervision of several competent people who can replace each other and solve any problems.

When Bitrix is ​​under maintenance, a basic system audit is carried out, checking for updates, system status, availability of backups, etc.

All serviced resources are added to the 24/7 monitoring and notification system. Website availability, free disk space, server load (CPU, MEM), etc. are monitored.

Is the site slow? We will help you to optimally configure the Bitrix settings, as well as optimize the server configuration, speed up the delivery of static and dynamic content, configure caching, speed up the database and take all measures to improve Bitrix performance.

If your resource is profitable, then it automatically comes under threat, being attacked by competitors and not well-wishers. We will take care of protecting the site from hacks and intrusions, repelling DDoS attacks and protecting Bitrix from possible security problems.

One of the important aspects of the resource’s work is the availability of a backup. Backup is essential in order to protect the resource from software, hardware failures, human error, and viruses. We will take care of having a Bitrix backup and checking the possibility of recovery from it.

You still have doubts about the need for Bitrix to be serviced by professionals, then contact us and we will answer all your questions and dispel doubts.