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When buying a server from Hetzner you will be faced with the fact that OS installation is paid. Despite the fact that Hetzner employees will only supply you with the OS and this will complete their work. It is, of course, very expensive and not profitable. But you still have 3 options for such a solution:

  • Buy an OS installation from Hetzner, and then configure the server yourself or pay also for the setup to an outsourcer
  • Install and configure the OS yourself
  • Contact us, we will install and configure the server for your tasks, as well as provide server support

We provide turnkey services, for example, you bought a server for the site: our specialists will install the OS, web server, database, mail server, server control panel, optimally configure the server parameters for better performance, configure the firewall and other security parameters, transfer site, set up DNS. As a result, you will receive a fully working website on the purchased server.

Or the task is to get virtual machines on the server, then we will install the OS, the necessary virtualization system (for example, installing VMWare ESXi on the server in the Hetzner DC), configure everything, allocate resources, install the management console, create virtual machines.

What do we need to configure the Hetzner server?

  • Access to the Hetzner control panel

This panel is located at the web address http://robot.your-server.de/
When you rent a server, Hetzner will send you the login details for the service control panel, an email will be sent from [email protected] with the subject line Ihre Robot-Zugangsdaten

The letter from Hezner usually contains the same information in two languages, from the beginning in German then in English.

  • Server address and root password

If an OS is installed on the server and you need to reinstall it, change the configuration or configure, you will need this data.

In a letter from Hetzner you will receive the server IP and the root password from [email protected].

The letter will have the subject “Ihr bestellter <server model> Server” and, like the previous one, contains duplicate information in two languages.

  • DNS access

When the task is to transfer a domain name and website, you need access to domain management. This is access to the panel where the domain was purchased, or you can independently make changes according to our recommendations.

If you have any tasks related to OS installation, Hetzner server configuration, please contact us on [email protected].