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Cloud solutions from Amazon became the most advertised and popular among users. It is a good solution for hosting an application on the network, with the ability to quickly scale. It has a number of features for paying for resources, depending on the problem you solve, it can be both a profitable solution and exorbitantly expensive to pay for consumed resources.

Our company has been working with AWS and Amazon services in particular for a long time, and can calculate and offer the best option for using Amazon for your project, as well as implement server configuration for a specific task.

Providing services for setting up servers, we have accumulated a lot of experience, so the most frequently ordered services for setting up Amazon servers are:

  • Installing a Secondary Name Server on Amazon EC2
  • Installing ISPManager on Amazon EC2 Cloud
  • Setting up hosting on Amazon EC2
  • Installing UniFi Cloud Controller on AWS
  • Building a web server on Amazon, installing a LAMP server on Amazon EC2
  • Installing SSL for Amazon AWS Web Services
  • Setting up Vesta on Amazon EC2
  • Installing and configuring Ubuntu, centos Server on AWS Amazon EC2
  • Installing Amazon EC2 CLI on a Virtual Server
  • Installing VPN on Amazon EC2
  • VPS on Amazon AWS
  • Installing Plesk on Amazon Web Services
  • Installing ec2-API-tools on Amazon instance
  • Migrating Statics to Amazon S3, Configuring CloudFront
  • Migrating Servers to Amazon EC2 Databases to EBS
  • Amazon SES
  • Monitoring services in AWS
  • Syncing files from Amazon S3
  • Windows Server in Amazon EC2 Cloud
  • Launching WebRTC Media Server in Amazon EC2 Cloud
  • Launching Java application on Amazon hosting
  • Deploying a server on amazon
  • Openmeetings on Amazon
  • Jenkins on AWS Amazon Linux
  • and much more

If you need to install, configure, integrate something on any Amazon service, please contact [email protected] or visit our Contact page.