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OVH is one of the largest hosting providers in the world. Its equipment park consists of 120 thousand servers in Europe, 360 thousand servers in Canada. The company owns 17 data centers with a total of about 550 thousand servers. Registered in France. In the French server rental market, it dumps everyone with its low server prices, especially the price of traffic.

OVH also has its own Cloud – it is similar to Amazon: various instances with hourly pay plus pay for disks, with 100 Mbps unlimited traffic (for OVH, unlimited traffic is literal).

There are also interesting little Kimsufi servers on Atom with a starting price of € 10. And own OVH CDN. In the pre-installed OS, the feature is the French locale, but this is easily fixed.

The main tasks that we solve on OVH servers

  • Deploy our Cloud in the cloud
  • Install Debian, Ubuntu, Centos Windows OS on OVH
  • Virtual PBX hosted by OVH
  • Virtualization on OVH, installation of VMWare ESXi, OpenVZ, XEN, KVM, Xenserver, Proxmox on OVH
  • Configuration of VMmanager KVM OVH
  • Node.js + OVH
  • Installation of cPanel on OVH
  • Set up VPS from OVH
  • Run docker on OVH
    and other

Why do you need to order server setup on OVH from us?

  • Cost-effectivness
    When ordering an OS installation along with a server rental, you will receive only the installed OS. We will install the OS, optimize its parameters, configure server security, install and configure software for solving specific problems. Those. we will do all the work on setting up to get the final working result.
  • Convenience
    You say what you want to get the final result, we select and implement the best solution to the set technical specifications
  • Complexity
    In addition to installing and configuring the OVH server, we offer round-the-clock support and server administration

If you decided to entrust the setup of your server to us, contact [email protected] or visit our Contact page.