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In this article you’ll read about Microsoft 365 which appears to be a burning issue nowadays

Complete User Management

So, how can it function, letting end users bring benefit to their workplaces? Here we are to do the following:

  • Give users the tools necessary for them;
  • Assist workers when needed;
  • Secure the company’s valuable data.

In the majority of cases, each part of these functions is treated as a distinctive tools by IT departments. However, Office Servers are on the way of changing this situation. Having merged Active Directory and email, such as Exchange Server, we came up with the idea that it’s possible to obtain a kind of smart communications system, which know what we want. At this time appeared such systems as Lync Server as well as SharePoint, so we were able to cowork as a progressive team instead of being just a disjointed group of people.

Office 365, being created as an answer to outward threats, became a cloud variant of Office Servers. It was a revolution since now we have updated online versions of almost every known server up the sleeve, they include SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and moreover, you can make use of Skype for Business as well as Office suite. Furthermore, it’s not difficult to get access to these services from any spot in the world, being sure that the valuable information reserved in the cloud is complete protected.

However, the above mentioned tools represent only a small part of the set available. Some tools are thought to be used only by corporations. Nowadays, companies do not choose to work with corporate computers, that`s why the users have to bring their own devices, because they are more convenient for them. But what are the ways to provision them?

Threats are not the same now. The mobility is not an illusion anymore, so the old means of protection do not make good a lot. Identity theft as well as zero-day malware are the modern forms of attack, that`s why a new level of protection is needed.

Compiling the Solutions

To face these needs we just came up with a list of useful services.It’s necessary to recall that Active Directory seems to be a kind of cement for the systems smarter than some of the mentioned. Furthermore, the services with easy usable protection are better than a complicated one since the complications prevent people from using this security. The company can create a specific identity combining both Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, in this way the tools for administration as well as the solutions become controlled by company governance and control.

Azur AD is an only backup of the majority of cloud solutions created by Microsoft. Finally, there is an only window to enable users and assure the company’s important data. The mentioned tools have been sold by Microsoft for many years as well as being developed and updated all the time. Microsoft has created so many tools that clients and co-workers are completely unfamiliar with them. Having realized that, Microsoft came up with the idea to offer to their clients integrated groups called “Microsoft 365”.

Microsoft 365 essence

Microsoft 365`s mail aim deals with providing users with easily understandable and deployable suite, which includes

  • Protection
  • Productivity
  • Devices provisioning

Judging by the proportion or a customer need, Microsoft 365 can be divided into 2 versions:

  • The first version is called Microsoft 365 Business, a program that has Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium as a basis. It is a good variant for companies that have about 300 users.
  • The second one is called Microsoft 365 Enterprise suitable for middle companies or / and some with individual administrative specification. This version is based on Office 365 E3 and Office E5

What should you know about Microsoft 365 Business?

This suite can be useful not large businesses – in case you are interested in some components such as administration/ analyzing / insurance /compliance you can choose the Enterprise SKUs, which has all of them.

The functionalities which are offered by Office 365 Business Premium include Microsoft Office for Macs, computers, and many other gadgets:

  • Exchange Online with 50 GB mailboxes
  • 1 TB of OneDrive for Business per user
  • SharePoint
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Yammer

If you intent to acquire smaller services, you should opt for something like Booker and Planner, which are valuable to your business.

However, Office seems to be the beginning! The following services are attached to Microsoft 365:

Administration of devices presupposes the administrating of only console user or gadget configurations, self-service PC settings by means of AutoPilot and finally Microsoft Office distribution into Windows 10 PCs done automatically. Pay attention that reporting the administration to be Intune is common but incorrect.

Security means that there is a consolidated Defender on Windows 10 administration and the real way of securing the data of company across all devices.

To get security is to own the most upgraded Windows version. Microsoft 365 Business combines an update starting with Windows 7 and 8.1 Pro to Windows 10.

Now the companies with limited number of users (i.e. nor more than 300) can easily practice Microsoft 365 Business.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

If your company demands more protection and regulation then Microsoft 365 Enterprise is the right thing for you since it is based on Office 365 E3 / E5. The given Office combines all components of Office 365 Business Premium, but have a look at the additional features, e.g.:

  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • Skype for Business Broadcast (10,000 attendees)
  • eDiscovery&LegalHold
  • Arrangement, retention, and cancellation policies.


Moreover, Office 365 E5 is a part of the E5 SKU of Microsoft 365 Enterprise. The following thing are added:

  • Power BI Pro
  • Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (immediate viruses and threatening programs finding)
  • Office 365 Cloud App Security danger estimate
  • A cloud-based PBX phone system

The Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) suite are included in Microsoft 365 Enterprise to provide a good administrating as well as insurance. Here the E3 and E5 SKUs become accessible:

Intune, that is the administration of gadgets, policy administrating, software implementation and finally protected careful remove of personal appliance.

Azure AD Premium: have personality control within all services, implement verification which can be multi-factor, resets of the self-service password or group administrating, etc.

Advanced Threat Analytic: find out the special examples of behavior detected in the local network.

Azure Information Protection: the company valuable information is protected by means of templates or policy without controlling the way the documents go.

Finally cloud App Security (just E5): estimation of the usage of 3d party cloud service and data policies enforcement.

Windows 10 Enterprise is a part of Microsoft because the whole security system seems to be useless if there is no endpoint. Nowadays a company can be protected by diverse attacks. Windows 10 E3 or E5 provides the best Defender.

To date, Microsoft 365 Enterprise is within the reach.


According to some clients, with the help of Microsoft 365 everything becomes simpler, because one group of services provides a lot of useful things. In addition, it helps to increase productivity and secure the business. Furthermore, the price is completely justified. Offering an integrated solutions for enabling and protecting both workers and company`s data, Microsoft 365 provides the security from the inner world risks and additionally the user gets more power and is not limited at all.