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Though, any businesses should have a disaster recovery plan (known as DR), it’s a must for businesses of small and medium sizes.
A disaster is definitely a great problem for big companies, although, the reserves obtained by them can help withstand outages of different levels and restart the processes performance. However, this case doesn’t work with companies of smaller size, since such problem can have an irretrievable effect.
The practice shows that a lot of businesses do not pay attention to preparing for such situations. Now let’s have a closer look at top 4 disaster risks of small and middle businesses.
The first one is physical disasters, that’s environmental catastrophes such as storms, hurricanes, etc., which can ruin your business place; moreover, the damage can be evaluated in thousands of dollars. Having not many locations, small businesses can’t withstand this disaster, since it can be wiped out. FEMA states that more than 35% of small businesses, having come through such a disaster, are not able to resume their work. If you want to make sure that your business is well-protected, it’s necessary to come up with both a disaster recovery plan and adequate site insurance coverage. DR plan includes obligatory data backing up, moreover, it’s necessary to make one backed up copy and store it in any cloud services. In addition, by means of site protection insurance small businesses can cover repairing and restoring expenses.
Hardware Failure is one of the top 4 disasters which affect small / medium companies. As a result, downtime appears, furthermore, sometimes profit and productivity plummet. In concordance with the Storage Craft research, a hardware failure was faced by 99% businesses. Additionally, about 81% of these failures appeared to be hard drive failures. In order to cope with such disaster it’s important to make up a plan B, in order to manage to restore the data later.
Malware and cyber attacks are thought to be another dangerous problem for businesses. Such attacks lead to data stealing, corruption or deletion, so some operations can be broken down. To protect your business from this type of disaster, it’s necessary to install security updates. By Gartner, IT professionals are aware of 99% company problems for about 1 year. And only keeping the system patched and other security measures can help save your system from cyber attacks. Moreover, you can restore your data before it is damaged if you have a backup plan.
Sudden loss of key personnel appears to be in top 4 of dangerous risks for small companies. While in big companies this loss can be overcome due to the great amount of workers, in smaller companies this is impossible. The loss of a worker here can destroy the daily operations. In this case key employee insurance can be taken into consideration.

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