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Offering services, products, and solutions which are fundamental for DevOps deployment within IT or other business teams.

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Are you still trying to find a way to DevOps adoption in your company? For making step from concepts validation or pilot projects to a company-wide implementation, it is essential to draw attention to culture, ongoing automation of testing, integration, lean management approaches, technologies, security, and so on.

DevOps represents way more than simple attaining of high performance, higher deployment, or quicker crisis response. This methodology makes it possible to achieve goals which impact the whole company not just the development department.

We can assist all the way starting from assessment, plans of action, strategy for a cloud, development stack alignment, increase traceability, creating CI/CD pipelines, embedding, processes of containerization, cross platform migration, automating of ongoing testing and finally to training on DevOps partner tools.

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If you are bothered by numerous teams, different tools, or a set of unorganized data, you should know that nowadays quick solution of selfservice integration is a real feasibility.

We can support your migration to an integration platform that is more adjust to scale so your company will be able to operate as a coherent whole. DevOps systems of all kinds can be easily unified by ConnectALL Integration Platform, due to this your teams will be able to apply different tools and still continue to engage in teamwork.

Its deployment and upgrading can be easily performed. Also it has hundreds adapters, it supports numerous applications for many different tasks, makes possible bi-directional synchronization in realtime, and helped to improve engagement as well as efficiency.

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In today’s world of digital business, it is an inescapable responsibility of companies to create protected and compliant code when they develop new kinds of services or applications by applying DevOps practices.

Security testing is required in high-speed digital business for creating an application with 100% security and absence of vulnerabilities.

This can be solved by security seamless integration into DevOps. Thereby the developers can be in the CI/CD tooling environment all the time.

DevSecOps is attempting to automate the main security functions as well as governance of open source in order to minimize risks and to bring forward software innovations by inserting security control features in each element of the DevOps working process.

Your DevOps attempts can be protected by using identity-based control of access, applying fire-walls, continuous monitoring for vulnerabilities, and many other things for open source elements.

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Switching to cloud brings a lot of benefits such as easier and quicker access to applications on the way, at any moment, anywhere; there is also no need to worry about how much hardware, physical infrastructure, or support cost. Furthermore, no problems with upgrades or information protection, and fast, steady performance which leads to greater efficiency and completely managed hosting.

Our team will help with your requirements evaluation, with adaption to the cloud or organization of your applications migration to it.

Go2Group’s specialists will perform rather difficult work – they will select AWS or Azure or will help you choose the provider, configure, and organize migration to the cloud.
We will cooperate with cloud providers, giving a guarantee, that you will be receiving agreed effectiveness and
functional capabilities.

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