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Simple Queue Service (SQS)

SQS is a service for a building of event queues. Such a queue is required, for example, when the applications for creating the email and its sending are separated. Then a queue element is made with the body of the letter, headers, etc., and the application sends the mail reading the elements from the queue.

We use SQS queues to create and send Apple, WP7, and Android push messages. And also for sending emails.

Amazon doesn’t provide any limits on the number of queues and the number of items in them.

SQS Billing

The invoice counts the number of queue items that have exceeded Free Tier. At the moment it is 100,000. You pay for every 10,000 items. Traffic generated by the service during the month is also charged

Simple Email Service (SES)

SES is used to send emails and newsletters. High reputation of IP addresses and high performance of servers, which allow you to send hundreds and thousands of letters per day, makes possible to send messages for enterprises of any size.

A special feature is an automatic increase of the limit of letters, which were sent per day. From 10 thousand to a million, the limit rises automatically depending on your needs. The limit on the number of letters sent per second is also increasing. At the beginning of the creating an account, this limit is 5 mails per second.

SES Functionality

SES allows you to send letters through the API – directly from the application. There are many libraries and plugins that allow you to send emails bypassing SMTP methods. For those applications that cannot be integrated with SES via the API, there is an option to enable the SMTP server with login-password authentication.


SES must be paid for every 10,000 emails sent per month. Also, there is a fee is for the traffic that was generated after letters were sent.