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Suppose we have a small application with a database with authorization. What to choose cloud or on-premises.

Arguing against using a cloud solution for your small application with a database and authorization capabilities. Here are some reasons why you might not want to use the cloud:

  1. Cost: A cloud solution can be more expensive than running your application on-premises, especially if you have to pay for storage, bandwidth, and other services on a monthly basis.
  2. Security: You might have concerns about the security of your data in the cloud, especially if you’re dealing with sensitive information like personal or financial data.
  3. Customization: If you have specific requirements for your application that aren’t available in a cloud environment, you might not be able to fully customize your solution.
  4. Reliability: If your application depends on a reliable internet connection, you might experience downtime or performance issues if your connection is slow or unreliable.

However, despite these concerns, there are some compelling reasons why a cloud solution could be better for your small application:

  1. Scalability: With a cloud solution, you can easily scale up or down your resources as needed, which can be especially important if you expect your application to grow over time.
  2. Flexibility: A cloud solution can offer more flexibility in terms of where your application runs, which can be beneficial if you have users located in different regions or need to deploy your application quickly.
  3. Security: Many cloud providers offer advanced security features that can help protect your data from unauthorized access, hacking, and other security threats.
  4. Accessibility: With a cloud solution, you can access your application and data from anywhere with an internet connection, which can be useful if you need to work remotely or collaborate with others.

In terms of a provider, I would recommend looking into Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a leading cloud provider with a wide range of services that can help you build, deploy, and manage your application. They offer a range of pricing options to fit your budget and have a strong track record of reliability and security. However, you should evaluate different providers based on your specific needs and budget before making a decision.

Overall, while there are certainly valid reasons to consider on-premises solutions, cloud solutions like AWS offer a lot of benefits that can be difficult to match. Ultimately, the decision depends on your specific requirements, budget, and level of technical expertise. But if you’re looking for a reliable, scalable, and secure solution for your small application, AWS is definitely worth considering.

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